I offer you consultations of an astrologer


  • Oral consultation in Ukrainian (Skype, WhatsApp)
  • Astrological consultation — chat in English
  • All clients are important to me. I guarantee attention to every order.
  • My experience as an astrologer is studying since 1999,
  • Teaching astrology since 2005
  • Cconsulting since 2009,
  • My exstudents have been consulting since 2015.

For You:

— individual horoscope, Birth chart reading

— Astrological forecast for the week, month, year, distant future

— Financial situation forecast

— Family issues, forecast of love and relationships

— Astrological forecast for the year

— Selection of suitable dates, time for events ( elective ) such as medical operations, starting a business, purchases, house moving, conception of the child, starting different events

— Astrological analysis of suitable activities for you

— astrological analytics of strategy and tactics of career, doing business

— vocational guidance (approximately)

— Life and health forecast

— forecast of trips abroad emigration, relocation horoscope

— real estate sale/purchase forecast

— astropsychology, astrological portrait of a person, information on psychological adjustment

— karmic analysis of the horoscope, recommendations for working out, awareness of karma

—  astrological, psychological therapy, coaching

— selection of individual spiritual practices

— A child’s horoscope (abilities, identification of promising types of activities, identification of promising / non-promising areas of development), recommendations for development, education, training, communication, etc.

Consulting style

Orientation to constructive decisions, taking into account psychology, assistance in making a more conscious, independent choice. Cooperation with the Divine Light forces.

You can get acquainted with the features of the consultation on the page «style of consultations»


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