≈ 80 Euro

The price is affected by:

— unknown time of birth

— deep study of natal charts of other people (child, husband)


Consultation is a chat in English or an oral conversation in Ukrainian

If at the same time you need to carefully consider the natal charts of children, men, then each subsequent one will cost + 50% of the base price.

The price includes all types of astrological works available to the astrologer:Analysis of the Natal Chart
Karmic astrology
Solar, Transits, Progressions, Directions, Firdars, Synastry and others


Short consultation

≈ 40 Euro

Quick, short consultation.
Mostly relevant for regular customers.


Astrological school

65 Euro

The price is for 1 month.

2 lessons per week lasting 2-3 hours. Group training online in Ukrainian. Chat, homework, discussions, community. Supervision after training is optional.

Will be glad to see you!