Consultation Topics

Astrological consultation topics (approximately)

If the question is not far-fetched, but real, relevant, most likely it will be possible to answer it. The answer will be either exhaustive or clarifying the situation.

The most frequently discussed topics during consultations are:

forecasts, personal life, work, children, place of residence, business planning. More details are listed below.


Business life

Astrological forecast for the week, month, quarter, year, distant future.

— Career forecast, work
— Forecast of the financial situation

— astrodiagnostics of managerial decisions
— forecast of events at the enterprise

— astrocalendar
— description of the day of the important event
— Choice of work, profession from the list of possible
— Timing of job shift
— In what area is self-realization possible?
— Which strategy in activity is more important
a) making money
b) employment in a good company
c) career — frequent transitions from one place of work to another
d) own business — hired work — service — which is better?
d) boss or subordinate
— A time of change in life and a time of stability — forecast

— Determining the prospects for opening new areas of activity, expanding business, selling/purchasing real estate, equipment.
— Selection of a favorable time for the start of projects (elective)
— What can you expect / demand from a subordinate (employee),
his potentialities, abilities (subject to the consent of the subordinate to consider his horoscope)
(the horoscope of the employee is paid additionally).
— Astrological forecast for the year
— Prospects for traveling abroad
— Relations with the state
— good time for travel
— Where are you destined to live — at home, or abroad
How will life abroad change?
– Selection of a city, a country favorable for moving

Personal affairs, relationships, family

Forecasts for the week, month, quarter, year.

a) have a partner
aspects of relationships, forecast of personal life

b) no partner yet
— Forecast of the meeting, when he will meet, where, under what circumstances.
— What will he be, what will be the relationship with him.
— Forecast of personal life.
— Careers, jobs

– Forecast of the place of residence (buying, selling real estate, moving)
— Forecast of repairs, changes in the house

About children
– Pregnancy planning (approximate forecast)
– Selection by the pregnant woman and the astrologer of the date and time of the caesarean section (if necessary).
— The future of children, how your child sees the world, what he wants,
what to develop in it, in what area of its prospects.
— Features of the child’s relationship with other family members
(possibility of adjustment, how to find a common language)
(Child’s personal horoscope is paid additionally)
— You and the spiritual world, spiritual development, religiosity
— The tasks of this life, debts, karma, destiny, the path of development
— Astrological, psychological therapy. Individual astrological recommendations.


For pupils and students

Usually teenagers are interested in
— Prospects for higher and secondary education, future work (where and how will you make better money, work with your hands or «head», a managerial position, or a subordinate, your own business or work for hire, at home or away from home, etc.)

— Career rates of career growth, in which area the best prospects, etc.

— Relationships with the opposite sex, future spouse,
what qualities of character, skills should be cultivated in oneself for more harmonious, fruitful relationships.

— Trips abroad, their probability by dates, their prospects.

— Change of residence — where and how you will find housing, the intensity of movement.

— Analysis and recommendations of relationships with parents, peers.

What qualities of your character will help in life, and which ones are worth working on.


Child’s horoscope

1. Talents, abilities of your child, individual qualities, options for their disclosure.
2. It is better to know the character — what he likes, what he does not like.
3. Some features of health, what is good for his health, what is more suitable for him for recovery.
4. What he is interested in, what areas of knowledge.
5. What can be dangerous for him and what is not.
6. What he is looking for in communication, how and what is better to teach a child, hobbies, sports.
7. Features of compatibility in the relationship of the child with loved ones. etc.
8. Psychological correction.
And also much more.


Age features are as follows:

For the smallest — up to 3 years old — the horoscope is compiled in case of real need (just out of curiosity, it is better not to disturb such small children)

For young people who are already 16 years old, just the desire of their parents is not enough, because the child may be against informing the parent on any occasion, and then the work of the astrologer will cause conflict. To work, you need the oral consent of the young man, and most importantly, internal consent. And if it is possible for a child of this age, his personal participation in an astrological consultation as a customer or listener.

Attention! I answer questions in such a way and in the form that the client’s horoscope suggests, my experience, and the instructions of higher powers (God) that I receive in the process of working on the order. The formula “The customer is always right” is not pursued by me in my work. If I see that a person does not need to know something, or it is harmful or it is necessary to know but not what the client asks, I follow my view of things. Otherwise, you can still say that I am pursuing the interests not of the lower «I» of the client — but of the higher «I» of the client. In my work, I focus on the ISAR counseling rules and other rules of work in psychology, astrology and spiritual development. I work for your benefit.

Welcome to astrological consultation!

Sincerely, astrologer Oleksii Kyrychenko



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