Hi ! I offer astrological consultation,

horoscope reading

as a chat in English

in WhatsApp, Telegram

or another messenger.

Chat can be short or long.

Price range: 25 Euro — short consultation and 50 Euro — full

I work without prepayment

You ask questions, and I answer them with the help of astrology.

The questions must be real, not fantasy

Birth time and date are needed

Questions and a description of your situation also are required



I am Ukrainian astrologer Alexey Kirichenko

I have been in astrology since 1999

My astrologycal experience is:

2000 + consultations

I have been working as a consultant since 2010

I taught astrology to 70 students

I published 100 + articles, 600+ YouTube, TikTok videos on Astrological forecast and analysis  

I provide psychological and informational assistance to Ukrainians during the war.


My English proficiency level is B1 intermediate.

It is difficult for me to speak quickly, but it is comfortable to write well.

My contacts :