How to order a consultation?

Step 1

Please enter your name and date of birth

Example: Johnny Depp, Jane 9, 1963, Owensboro, Kentucky. Birth time 03-25 p.m.

Step 2

Your exact birth time

The accuracy of birth time is a very important factor in astrological work. It is better to ask the parents once again, to find a tag from the maternity hospital, than to indicate an inaccurate time. In calculations, forecasts, time plays a big role. If the time of birth is not known, please see the note below.

Step 3

Ask questions that interest you

Questions are best to ask the most relevant, alive for you.
In the form in which they sound inside you mind.
If the question has a history, you should indicate the dates, describe the situation.
For example: work forecast — date of last employment, what is the job.
Emigration forecast — when they started working in this direction, Development of relationships — when you met, when the relationship began, which is embarrassing in a relationship.
If the matter concerns a partner, please indicate his birth data. Additional dates and information make calculations faster and easier.
If the client does not want to tell anything about himself or about the subject of interest, the consultation is not performed.

Step 4

Send an order to an astrologer

I invite you to communicate this information in any way convenient for you via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, E-mail, etc.


После получения Ваших данных, Астролог их обработает, и до консультации, задаст уточняющие вопросы. Срочная консультация возможна в день заказа, не срочная -в течение нескольких дней. Когда предварительная обработка данных будет завершена, договариваемся о времени и месте встречи ( в программе Scype, Viber, WhatsApp через интернет, или по мобильному телефону) удобнее Скайп, так как в нём есть возможность демонстрации экрана.

After receiving your data, the Astrologer will process them and give feedback. Is this issue within his area of expertise?

After 1-2 days, a chat begins — an astrological consultation, it can take several days, depending on the availability of free time for the client and the astrologer.

When the answers to the questions are received, payment is made.


If the exact time of birth is not known, it can be calculated by astrological methods (rectification). To do this, indicate approximately 10 dates (year, month (in words), day) of life events. Usually such events are: dates of birth of father, mother, birth of a brother (sister) moving to another city, dates of medical operations, abortion, periods of unusual health conditions, date of marriage, own or brother / sister, birth of children, nephews, key shift dates place of work, car accidents, divorces, date of death of a dear person, emigration, change of residence, registration of something important, your business, date of issue of a significant document, other significant dates from the biography. It should be indicated whether the birth was caesarean or natural. If it’s comfortable, give a link to your social profile. network or reset some photos. Payment for clarification of the time of birth (rectification) — plus 50% of the base cost. If you have the opportunity, please ask your parents for the exact time of birth. There were times when parents do not remember right away, and then they remember. Sometimes it turns out to find out the time of birth in the history journal in the hospital where the person was born.